Sample Project 1

Bottle Filling & Capping Machine

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Sample Project 2

Table Computer Chassis

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Sample Project 3

Design of a Drill Jig

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Academic Projects

  1. Record book Punching Machine:-It makes a small hole through workshop record books for preventing the reuse of workshop practice book. This machine works with compressed air.(Year 2000)
  2. Conceptual Design of an automated manual transmission for motor cars. (Year 2000)
  3. Design and fabrication of an air cooler- This evaporative cooler is suitable for hot weather.(Year2000).
  4. Pneumatic Jack for automotive repair shops.(Year 2001)
  5. Blackboard wiping machine:-It wipes the Blackboard which is used in schools. It works with my innovative pulley mechanism and relay logic control unit. (Year 2003)
  6. Automatic star-delta starter:-(Electrical Project)-An automatic star-delta starter for 3phase induction motor(year 2004)
  7. Pneumatic clutch actuator for heavy vehicles:-Cost Effective light weight clutch actuator, works with my innovative mechanical control system. (Year 2005)
  8. Automatic Parking Brake:-Pull the parking brake cable by pressing a small switch and release the brake automatically at the time of pressing gas pedal- if the clutch pedal is pressed. This unit eliminates handbrake lever in the centre console. Easy hill start is another advantage of this parking brake. This design is published in major newspapers in India.(Year 2006)
  9. Pick and place robot:-A pick and place robot with vacuum cups for conveyer belts.(Year 2006)
  10. Pneumatic side view mirror:-A side view mirror driven by compressed air suitable for heavy duty vehicles.(Year 2007)
  11. Tablet Feeder:-Conceptual design of a blister pack feeder for spherical shaped tablets.(year 2013)-Watch on Youtube

Commercial Projects

• Steel Garden Shed Design- Steel garden shed which can easily assemble
• Wood Pellet Burner: -A 500 kw wood pellet burner for biomass boiler (Twig-eGrate. Click here to view)
• Boiler House Design: Boiler house for biomass boiler systems
• Guillotine valve: - Motorised Guillotine valve for wood pellet control
• Auger Feeders: - screw feeder for biomass industry
• Stacking Machine: (For Tekpak Automation Wexford - It’s for tile stacking
• Sizing Machine ( For Tekpak automation Wexford) - It is for make double and triple stacks


Current Projects

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