Bottle Filling&Capping Machine

In packaging industry there are two major types of bottle filling arrangements aviailable First is fully automated filling line.Here both bottle and cap is fed automatically and filling is taking place according to the predefined steps.These types of fully automated line is used for large scale filling needs.Second arrangement is for small scale filling needs.Here normally two machines are used.One machine is for filling and other is for capping.My machine is designed for small scale filling application.Here both filling and capping is carried out by the same machine.


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Working Principle

Compressed air is the prime-mover of this machine. This machine is controlled by an Allen-Bradley Micrologix series programmable logic  controller(PLC).Capping is done with an electric gear motor with torque limiter. Control panel of this machine consist of one rotary switch,two push button switches,one indicator and an emergency stop switch. Please see the above picture. For the sake of simplicity in explanation I am giving the steps of operations. Please watch the animation video. Pneumatic tubing, Electrical connections, Fluid suction pipe and position of sensors are not shown in animation

  1. Assume the machine is connected with fluid container and pneumatic line pressure is within the design limit
  2. Turning the rotary switch to on position will bring the machine to loading position of bottle and cap
  3. Insert a bottle and a cap into the machine. If it positioned properly, green indicator will blink
  4. Pressing the red push button will start the operations automatically(See the animation)

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